Professor Efi Bilavsky

A Personal Message

About Professor Efi Bilavsky

Specialist in Pediatric Infectious Diseases

A message from me:

I came up with the idea to create this website after getting asked and answering questions about basic topics in pediatrics, such as fever, vaccines and infant nutrition, countless times.

Sometimes, I would get asked the same question by the same parents about the same child or about their second child.

This made me realize that parents have lots of questions about the core topics in pediatrics, and simple and quick answers to these questions are not easily accessible.

I went through tens of websites, some of which were great, and some of which were not so great.

But I couldn’t find a website that answered these questions well, in a language that parents understood.

I didn’t create this website for business, and the purpose behind it is not for marketing (neither a product nor my clinic/medication for fever/formula or anything at all) and I promise to be completely objective in my advice and recommendations.

Nonetheless, I am open to partnerships, provided the medication/product/vaccine/whatever you are trying to promote is truly useful and beneficial, and as long as the promotion is openly presented on the website as a product that is being marketed.

I hope that reading my website helps many parents and children, and that together we are able to improve the treatment our children receive so that they grow to become healthier adults.

I wrote the original version of this website in Hebrew. In May 2021, I created the English version, to make my posts accessible to people who do not live in the Holyland, as well.

I am happy to receive comments/remarks from parents if anything arises about the content of this website. And of course, I will continue to post updates, in real-time, with the latest findings while catering to the comments that I receive.