Infectious diseases

Infectious diseases add significant volume in pediatrics. Bacteria, viruses and other pathogens are primarily responsible many diseases.
Thus, the purpose of this section in the site is to shed light and help parents with useful information on these common topics.
Also, soon in this area are two non-infectious subjects but from the field of rheumatology. Two inflammatory diseases – Kawasaki disease probably caused by an infectious trigger and PFAPA syndrome that mimics bacterial tonsillitis.

Hope you find this important chapter useful as well as interesting.

Infectious pediatric diseases

Pinworms (enterobiasis) in children

Parvovirus Infection in Children (Fifth disease or Erythema Infectiosum)

Herpetic skin infection (herpes gladiatorum)

Roseola infantum or Sixth disease

How to prevent CMV infection during pregnancy

Bacterial skin infections

Molluscum contagiosum- viral warts

Group A streptococcus – bacterial pharyngitis or tonsillitis

How to avoid Toxoplasma infection during pregnancy?