Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”)


  1. Welcome to the Doctor Efi’s website – Israel’s most comprehensive website in the field of pediatric.
  2. Doctor Efi’s website serves as an online platform for the most comprehensive data in the field of pediatrics. The website is operated by Prof. Efraim Bilavsky and Dr. Zvi Davidovich, both board certified pediatricians in Israel.
  3. Any use of the website, its contents and any information that appears on it, is subject to your acceptance of all the terms and conditions detailed herein (hereinafter: the “Terms“) and constitutes your unqualified consent to all the Terms for the use below.
  4. The contents appearing on the website are intended to provide with general, up-to-date, and comprehensive medical information in the field of pediatrics and should be treated with great care. The information and content on the website are not being provided as a substitute for medical advice or a professional or medical opinion.
  5. Even though the website and its operator work with the goal that the information and contents are as correct and accurate as possible. The user hereby declares that he is aware that the contents may contain inaccuracies and/or errors and/or oversights in the information and/or in the way it is being transmitted and/or in the way it is being presented and/or understood.



  1. In this Terms and Conditions, the following terms that appear in it will have the following meanings:
    • The “Website” – Doctor Efi’s website at: https://dr-efi.com
    • The “Operator” – the operators of the site, Prof. Efraim Bilavsky and Dr. Zvi Davidovich
    • The “User” – any person and/or entity that enters the Website and/or makes any kind of use of the Website and/or its Contents (as defined below) and/or any of the services offered on the website, either occasionally or constantly.
    • Contents” – including medical information, data, advises, recommendations, articles, instructions, advertisements, forums, doctors portal and/or therapists portal, calculators of any kind, images, videos and any other information and/or content in any type of format that appears on the website and /or available to the user.
  2. The chapters’ headlines of these Terms and Conditions are meant and used only for convenience and shall not be used to interpret the Terms described herein.
  3. These Terms and Conditions were written in the masculine form for convenience purposes, but everything contains herein refers to both feminine vice versa.


Terms of use

  1. These Terms regulate the relationship between the Website and/or the Operator with the User and/or anyone on his behalf.
  2. The Terms of use of this Website apply to any use of the Website, via any computer and/or other media tool and/or other communication tool through which it is possible to browse and/or collect data from this Website as well as perform use and/or operations through this Website.
  3. Each User declares and undertakes that he has read the Terms and Conditions and agreed to its instructions in full. A User who does not agree to the Terms of use of the Website as well as the provisions Terms, is asked not to make any use, of any kind, on this Website.
  4. The Website and/or the Operator and/or the Content and service providers and/or anyone on their behalf do not bear any responsibility in relation to the Contents presented on the Website, their content, reliability, credibility, accuracy, and their effect, direct or indirect, on the Users and/or any person exposed to it and/or who decides to act based on it.
  5. By using the Website and/or viewing its Contents and/or preforming any activity on it or based on it, either independently or by any other person, the User hereby provides his preliminary consent for the following:
    • To the Terms and Conditions of the Website, while declaring and committing that he will not have any legal claim and/or general claim and/or demand against the Operator and/or anyone on his behalf, excluding claims in connection with the violation of the Operator’s obligations according to these Terms; Accordingly, the Website and/or the Operator and/or anyone on their behalf shall not bare or considered to be responsible for any damage of any kind caused to the User and/or anyone on his behalf and/or to a third party, as a result of using and/or relying on the information and/or Content of any kind appearing on the Website;
    • To the Privacy Policy as it appears on the Website and in these Terms below.
    • That the Operator shall reserve the right to make changes from time-to-time in the Terms and Conditions and/or the Privacy Policy appearing on the website, and to any of its derivatives. Any change or revision will be made by the sole discretion of the Operator, and without the need to provide an alert and/or advance notice, when any change will be in-force as of the date of its publication on the Website.
    • That the Operator’s computer records, and his only, shall be prima facie evidence of the correctness of the actions carried out through the site by the User on the Website.
  6. Each User of the Website hereby declares and confirms that there is no impediment from either a fact, law, commercial reason or by precedent and/or any other consideration to agreeing these Terms and Conditions.


Intellectual Property

  1. The Website and all the information found on it (or constituting it), including but not limited to: the Website design, the Website code, the media on the Website, videos, photos, texts, files and any other material that is displayed or collectable on the Website. It is hereby that all rights in the information and Content contained on the Website, including trademarks and/or copyrights and/or samples (if any) whether registered or not, fully belong to the Operator and constitute exclusive intellectual property, and they should not be used other in case of receiving the prior written permission of the Operator.
  2. The User hereby admits that he will not copy, reproduce, distribute and publish information and/or contents from the Website, as well as make commercial use of the data that will appear on the Website, without receiving the prior written permission of the Operator.



  1. Advertisements: Advertising content, to the extent that there are or will be on the Website, are at the sole responsibility of the advertisers and neither the Website nor the Operator nor anyone on their behalf shall be responsible for the content of the ads, articles or any advertising material on the Website. Any reliance by the User and/or any third party on content and/or advertising information on the Website is made at the discretion and the full responsibility of the User. The Website and/or the Operator and/or anyone on their behalf: are not responsible for any contact, to the extent that it may arise, between a User and any of those appearing on the portal and/or with any third party; are not responsible for the nature and/or quality of the services provided by any of them to the User or a third party; and are not are responsible for any damage, loss or expense incurred by the User and/or any third party directly or indirectly related to the Website’s Content.
  2. The use of the Contents appearing in the various portals on the Website will be at the User’s sole responsibility. The Website and/or the Operator and/or anyone on their behalf will not be responsible or considered as such for any contract, in case occurred, between a User and any of those appearing on the portal and/or with a third party, nor will they be responsible for the nature and/or quality of the services provided by any of them to the User or a third party.
  3. The Website and/or the Operator will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damage caused to the User and/or any third party, directly or indirectly related to the Content of the Website due to access to the Website and its use or due to any prevention of access or use of the Website, whether due to a contractual cause, tort, or any other reason whatsoever.

Privacy Policy

  1. The User knows and acknowledge that the Website may contain links or attachments to other websites. The Website and/or the Operator and/or anyone on their behalf has no control over these websites, and they do not bear any responsibility regarding these links and/or to their content and/or any other information that is available through the said links, and the inclusion of these links on the Website does not contain any approval of its content or to any material appearing in it.
  2. The Operator and/or anyone on his behalf take acceptable precautions to maintain the confidentiality of information as much as possible.
  3. Since these Term and Conditions apply on activity in an online environment, the Operator in unable to guarantee absolute protection against intrusion into its computers and/or disclosure of the information stored by it by perpetrators of illegal operations. Therefore, to the extent that it occurs to a third party to penetrate the information stored by the Operator and/or misuse it, the User will not have any claim of any kind and/or demand against the Operator and/or anyone on his behalf.
  4. This Website may use “Cookies” as part of its regular activity. Such use will include but won’t be limited to data collection, analysis and verification, to be used by the Operator in order to adapt the site to the User’s preferences as well as to information security needs. It is hereby clarified that as much as the User wishes to avoid sharing “Cookies”, he may examine this option and, for this purpose, change the preferences of his browser.
  5. In addition to the above, in circumstances that may provide exemption due to coercion or breach of contract according to Section 18 of the Israeli Contracts Law (Remedies for Breach of Contract), 541-1970, inter alia, during the war and/or pandemic, including the Covid-19, the Operator will not be responsible for any damage of any kind, indirect or direct, caused to the User and/or anyone on his behalf.
  6. The Operator undertakes not to make use of the Users’ information except for the needs specified in these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy on the Website, including for the needs of operating the Website and/or maintaining contact with the User and/or sending advertising content as detailed below, apart from any of the following events:
    • The User used the services of the Operator and/or the Website to commit an illegal act and/or omission;
    • The Operator has received a judicial order and/or an instruction from a competent administrative authority instructing it to hand over the User’s details to a third party;
    • In cases of dispute or legal proceedings;
  7. It is also agreed that the Operator will be able to use the User’s personal information on the Website without his specific identification, for the purpose of analyzing statistical information and presenting it and/or handing it over to other parties.
  8. No person and/or corporation and/or other such person, including the User, shall have the right to request and/or demand and/or receive information and/or documents regarding the details of the Operator’s engagement with third parties.
  9. The Website and/or the Operator may, from time-to-time, change or amend the provisions of the Privacy Policy.


Indemnification and Compensation

  1. The User hereby agrees to indemnify and/or compensate the Website and/or the Operator and/or anyone on their behalf, upon receiving the first demand from any of them, due to any damage and/or payment and/or expense, including any expense involved in legal proceedings, which arise from the violation of these Terms and Conditions by the User and/or in connection with the use and/or activity of the User on the Website.


Delivery of promotional content

  1. The Operator in his sole discretion shall be entitled to send the User from time to time, by either email or by any other media provided by the User, information regarding its services as well as any promotional and/or advertising information, including professional information, updates and publications that may be of interest the User in accordance with the segmentation of the information collected by the Operator (hereinafter: “Direct Mail“). It should be noted that such information shall be sent to a User only in case the User gave his approval to receive such content, including by using this Website, or in case such delivery of promotional content is not prohibited by the applicable law.
  2. To the extent that the User has approved the Direct Mail section as stated, but is not interested in receiving the promotional content or wishes that such content be sent only to one or more of the aforementioned means of communication, he must send a request as stated to the email address: _ [email protected] ___________



  1. Except as otherwise set forth in these Terms, these Terms shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Israel and its competent courts. These Term and Conditions and/or on any action and/or any conflict arising from it, shall be according the Israeli law.
  2. The User agrees that the exclusive jurisdiction to discuss any dispute arising, directly or indirectly, from the provisions of this Terms and Conditions and/or from the use of the Website and its Contents, will rest only with the competent courts of Tel Aviv.



  1. If you come across wrong or offensive advertising on the website, misuse of the Website or any other illegal action, you can contact the Operator at his address:__ [email protected] _________________


We wish you a pleasant and helpful use of our Website.

Dr. Efi and the Team