Medical conditions related to this field and especially ear diseases are very common in pediatrics. This is the area on the site that will be dedicated to those situations.

Notice the differences between ear infections: Acute otitis media (What we all call regular ear infection), Purulent otitis mediaExternal otitis (swimmer’s ear) and Otitis media with effusion (what we all call fluids in the ear). Parental understanding between the various situations will make it easier for you to understand the meaning and ways of treating each situation and to improve the treatment of your child.

Another chapter in this area discusses the topic so common in children – the Adenoid tonsil (sometimes called the third tonsil).

All information about ENT diseases

Acute otitis media

Rhinosinusitis in children

Purulent otitis media

Acute otitis externa (Swimmer’s inflammation)

Otitis media with effusion (ear fluids)

Enlarged adenoids in kids and adenoidectomy (polyp)