How to apply eye ointment in children

How to apply eye drops and ointment in children ?

If we want to maximize the effectiveness of any eye ointment, we need to learn how to apply it correctly.

Many parents are asking themselves whether it is better to use eye drops or ointment. Well, this is individual. Many drugs are found in only one of the forms, so in these cases there is no dilemma. If the drug is available in a form of drops and an ointment, then the parents need to decide, which treatment option is easier to apply.

Drops – the application in children may be tricky, but it is very quick.

Ointment – application is not easy, and many children are bothered by the ointment and wipe it off as soon as the parent leaves them alone.

Some parents are combining both preparations – drops in the morning and noon and ointment at night when the child is asleep. As you will see ahead, if you want to apply the ointment correctly, it is exceedingly difficult to achieve when the child is asleep.

How to apply?

  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Ask the child to tilt his head back, or hold his head with a tilt backwards.
  • Using your finger, pull downward the middle part of the lower eyelid.
  • Apply the ointment inside the little “pocket” created (better directly without the help of another finger or the tip of the tube).
  • Wipe the remaining ointment and ask the child to close his eyes for a little bit.
  • You can try to apply the ointment while the child is asleep. Gently pull the lower eyelid as described above and hope that you won’t wake up your child.

With this correct applying form, there is no need to apply the ointment to the upper eyelid, since the ointment will spread to that area as well.

Many parents (myself included) find this to be an impossible task, so many parents use their finger for application. In addition, many parents do not pull the lower eyelid downward, and just apply the ointment on the area below the eyelid or on the eyelashes, hoping for absorption. This usually does happen, something will get inside, but probably very little.


Things are not always easy, that’s life.

Good luck!

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