Baby's acne

Baby’s acne

Baby’s acne is a common rash (seen at some degree in about 20% of babies), typically appears on the face of newborn babies. It is mostly papules (which looks somewhat like pimples) or pustules (papules with a white center). The more accurate name is – Neonatal cephalic pustulosis. Neonatal means a newborn baby (1 day – 1 month), cephalic means head and pustulosis is the description of the rash itself.

Waht is the reason for baby’s acne (neonatal cephalic pustulosis)?

One of these two – or combination of them.
1- An inflammatory reaction to a certain fungi that is on the skin of the baby.
2- A hormonal inflammatory reaction that occurs in the newborn.
Remember that this is a cosmetic problem and not a medical condition that causes morbidity. Later on, over the course of a few weeks, the rash will spontaneously resolve without special treatment.
If anyone is eager to treat, you can use a combination of cream or ointment with antifungal component or steroids.

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