Mongolian Blue Spots

Mongolian blue spots

Mongolian blue spots are a very common blue / grey marks in the baby’s lower back area (more common in the Eastern population).

The name originates from the initial description of the mark in people from Mongolia with no connection at all to Down-syndrome.

What do Mongolian spots look like?

A blue or grey mark with clear borders usually in the sacral area (lower back), although it may also appear in other areas of the body.
The mark can be small and sometimes can be more significant in size (see photo).

What will happen to Mongolian blue spots?

In most cases the Mongolian spot will fade away and disappear during the first months / years of the baby’s life. Only in rare cases a laser treatment is required.

Is there room for concern if your baby has Mongolian blue spots?

Definitely not. The Mongolian spots are a very common phenomenon that in the vast majority of cases stand alone and does not indicate any background disease.
Assuming the baby is healthy, there is no reason to approach special evaluation.

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